Our Philosophy

Simplicity is at the core of our DNA. We believe that there is a real need to bring this mindset into the realm of Data Science as well. We aim to differentiate Oval Analytics by focusing on creating simple, elegant solutions to even the most complex of analytics problems. This applies to our end customer experience, as well as to the processes in the company. We will walk the extra mile to create solutions that are as simple as possible. This has led us to follow certain practices in exercising our craft :

First Principles

Our mathematics background has taught us to reason from First Principles. So, instead of bending old tools to solve new problems, we start from the most fundamental truths and reason up from there. Thus, we are vendor agnostic and only choose the best technology that fits the solution.

Agile Data Science

We have borrowed the best practices from Agile Software Development and implemented them into our analytics projects. This has allowed us to serve the dynamic requirements of our customers and accelerate the time it takes to deliver value to them. Thus, enabling us to stay lean and innovative.

Scalable Solutions

Whether your data size is a few megabytes or several terabytes, we have you covered. We help you choose the most appropriate architecture for your requirements, whether it's big or small. Also, our expertise in cloud-computing means that our solutions scale effortlessly as your business needs grow.

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