What We Do


Data Science has come to the center stage in the business world over the past decade. Using our vast expertise and the many tools and technologies readily available today, Oval gives its clients tremendous value from the valuable but voluminous data they have been collecting over years. We use a combination of both basic and advanced algorithms that ensure that each problem is solved uniquely and under valid assumptions.

Our solutions are based on the combining eight disciplines of Data Engineering, Machine Learning, Statistics, Programming, Big Data, Domain Expertise, Data Visualization and Hacker Mindset, which we believe constitute Data Science.

We have developed a wide spectrum of data-driven analytical solutions in diverse vertical markets such as Telecommunications, Banking and Finance, Healthcare, Energy, Retail, Consumer Goods and e-commerce websites.

Solutions We Offer

Advanced Analytics

This includes data auditing, cleansing and normalization, KPI identification and reporting, growth and engagement analysis and optimization, customer behavioral analysis, predictive modeling & machine learning, statistical analysis, web analytics, data modeling, data visualization and big data infrastructure services.

Data Products

In order to make the analytics repeatable and automated, we enhance our offering by building custom enterprise data applications, automated reports, dashboards & visualizations utilizing Agile Software Development practices. This empowers our customers to perform their own analysis and create reports using our infrastructure.

Strategic Consulting

We can review your existing products and infrastructure either on site or remotely, to help you get the most value out of your data. By aligning your vision with our expertise, we give personalized strategic recommendations on product and data, and evaluate and enhance your current analytical capabilities.